Severus is a kingdom of extremes.  The frozen tundra encompasses much of the north east while the marshes and the southern jungles.  Severus controls possible the largest human kingdom.  However since most of the territory is wild, it's population is lower than most of the western kingdoms.

It is currently ruled by house Decados.  House Decados is a Machiavellian and devious house, and that's exactly the way they like it. Although no-one would ever trust a Decados, none can deny their value. Slimy, cunning and extremely successful, the Decados have risen to power through treachery and an uncanny understanding of their rivals – helped in no small part, no doubt, by their vast, invisible intelligence network.

While the other families accuse them of a number of crimes, the Decados are here to stay and thus must be dealt with on their own terms. 

Possessing the Jakovian Guild, one of the most accomplished spy networks in history, House Decados trades primarily in information. They now hold their might over many minor houses and use deception and cunning to keep the other houses at odds with each other. Decados vassals despise their lords but are kept in line through fear or promise of power for those who make good quislings.


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