Stolen Worlds

Fight the power part 1 and 2

There plan was hatched.  The civilians were going to attack the tap room while the players assaulted the castle ruins.  The assault started in the drainage tunnel when they ran into a creature called the Nothic.

They negotiated a deal and traded the Nothic a flute for his cooperation.  They passed unmolested.  A couple of rooms full of Redbrands and hobgoblins they came across what they discovered to be an alchemy lab.  Little did they know that while they investigated the lab, the wizard known as Glassstaff was getting away.


the time they realized the Red Brands were Ass Hats

After a defeat of the orcs at Wyrven Tor the group set out to return to Phandalin.  They decided to stop by the Old Owl well.  Daran's suspicions were proven as they neared the well.  

There was a colorful pavilion erected and more astonishing it seemed to be guarded by zombies.  Just as the heroes were about to engage the zombies a bald man in robes appeared.  He called a stop to the fight.  The players acquiesced and the zombies stopped their advance.  The man was a Mage from the Nation of Severus and was doing archeological research.

He introduced himself as Hamun Kost and invited them in for tea.  They discussed what he was doing there and the group were conflicted.  The undead were under control but this was a necromancer.  In the end they decided to err on the side of caution and  leave him in peace.

Next they decided to try to deal with Agatha.  It was on the way back and they were feeling plucky.  Finding her hovel was easy enough.  Only a couple of people could fit inside at once.  Lume set the comb they had with them and called out to Agatha.  The air grew cold and they saw the banshee.  Through quick wit Lume asked to be granted the favor of a question.  The Banshee agreed but said they could ask but a single question.  The party agreed and asked "Where is Bowgentle's Spellbook?"    

The Banshee answered their question.  She did have it but centuires ago gave it to another mage.  With that she started to leave.  Lume turned to exit and Alister stayed a moment.  Perhaps he was still riding the wave of success from Wyrven Tor.  He pressed the Banshee for information on the Wave Echo Cave.  She turned a baleful eye upon him and told him to leave.  When he pressed again, she screamed.  The spiritual power hurled people back.  She made no effort to continue the attack.  Babel had taken the worst of it.  Probably due to his spiritual awareness.   They dragged him out of the clearing, retreating from the Banshee's lair.

When they made it back to Phandalin they discovered a body of a young man nailed to a tree.  He had a sign hung around his neck, "He didn't pay his tax" was scrawled our in blood.  Obvious work of the Redbrands.  The entire town seemed to labor under a cloud.  

Sister Gareale told the party at the inn that the youth was an adventurer who stood up to the Redbrands tax.  The party looked at each other.  They knew what they had to do.

They spoke with Daran Edermath about the issues.  He spoke to them of the concerns he had.  Through much convincing they got him to agree to join them on the assault against the Redbrands.

Tread with caution...
...elves on the menu

Our journey kicked off with an air of mischief as we stumbled across a goon of deviant red hooded bandits who go by the name Red Brants. Through our travels we spoke with Halia, a cashier at the mining tavern, who offered $100 gold for their removal. We learned more from the time shirne-keeper who informed us about the glass staffed wizard who leads the Red Brants. She detailed that there were about 10 of them who haunted the Tresendar Manor with another 10 at the Sleepy Giant Inn. They are known to travel in small packs around the town for week stretches; a tip we will surly remember as we plot to win Halia's gold. 

The shrine-keeper also warned us about the Banshee who lives in Conyberry. The Banshee has in her posession a spellbook by Bogental. The shrine-keeper gave us a silver comb to trade her and stressed the importance of making a proper offering. The Banshee, a wicked thing, can only be over come with magic and silver—a communal node swept over the party on that detail. Before we parted, the shrine-keeper reveled her name, Sister Garaele, and said to tell the Banshee she sent us.

We left up the hill towards the orchard to meet the charming half elf who dwells there. As he told us what he knows, Alister wrote in detail while I found the bottom of my cups.

We traveled for several days following that only to happen across a cave of Orcs. Upon a swift defeat of the orcish-mucks, we discovered something truly disturbing….



…a mass grave of elves. 

Wryven Tor Massacre
The time when no one got hurt,

The group of adventurers decided to go to find Daran Edermath.  As they walked on they saw a couple of these Redbrand bandits.  They followed them to a pub called the Sleeping Giant Inn.  One of them spotted the adventurers and hurried into the back.  When they tried to follow, the group found the door barred.  Going around to the front they found four bandits standing there in front.  They started taunting the newcomers.  After a quick assessment of the situation the group decided to back down and left the  Sleeping Giant Inn.

Instead they continued on their way to the Edermath orchard.   The older adventurer spoke to them about his adventures and answered their questions on the area.  They discovered he belonged to an order called the Order of the Gauntlet.  They exist to protect those that could not protect themselves.  

He mentioned the Redbrands and their particular brand of filth.  The adventurers added this to their list for investigation.  However they felt that taking on the Orcs of Wyrven Tor was more pressing.

Setting out they traveled several dys along the Triboar trail.  They were beset twice by monsters in the night.  Once by stirges who were easy enough to defeat.  The second time by ghouls. That fight was more challenging… regardless they survived through pluck and strategy.

They finally arrived at Wyrven Tor and with Drusilia's skill at tracking they discovered the cave where the orc band camped.  Waiting to approach the camp at day was deemed the most prudent action.  Dru had explained that Orcs usually slept through most of the morning.  True to that word they discovered just a single sentry, asleep at his post.

They hatched a plan to assault the orcs.  That plan was complicated when they discovered there was an Ogre in the enemies midsts.  Undaunted our heroes bravely attacked the camp.  The battle was fierce and miraculously the party escaped without any serious injury.  

There they decided to rest.

The clearing of Cragmaw Hideout.
The time where Sildar stole the kill.

With Sildar freed the companions were ready to quit the cave where they found him.  Babel and Alister were wounded from the fight against Yeemick's cohorts and decided to rest.  While they rested Lume hatched a plan.

With the not so subtle powers of her blood, she convinced poor Yeemick that she had cursed him.  She and Alister explained that if he did not do what they said and betray his fellows, he would die.

Sufficiently cowed, the goblin agreed to betray them.  They sent him off to bring Klarg, saying he found gold.  Apparently the little fellow was more apt at deception than first thought and Klarg was convinced. The horde came.

The bottleneck they created did well to focus their fire and the goblins fell quickly.  Klarg charged in and was battered by the party.  Alister flanked back to cover some goblins that had broken through.  Sildar filled in the gap and took Klarg down with two well placed hatchet chops to the chest.

At the conclusion of the battle Alister told Yeemick he was free of his charge and was free to go.  The goblin scampered away quickly lest the party changed their mind.

In Klargs chambers the party found several boxes stamped with a merchants stamp.  Sildar mentioned he may have seen that in Phandalen when he first went there several months ago.  They discovered that the crates had smithy inventory and thought perhaps returning the goods would fetch them a reward.

They rested a while in the cave and then head out that afternoon.  The rest of the way to Phandalen was uneventful.  Sildar told then to meet later at a local inn.

They returned the goods to the Lionshield Coster and flirted with the proprietor Linene Graywind.  She mentioned Daran Edermath as a fellow retired adventurer. 

Later they delivered the goods they were originally contracted to deliver to Elmar Barthen.  Who seemed genuinely saddend by the news of Gundren Rockseeker.  He lamented about his friends capture and mentioned to the party about his dream to find Wave Echoe Cave and the Spell Forge.  He also told the players Gundren's brothers were camped in the wilderness and should be in "any day now" to resupply.

The party the went to the Stonehill In where the chatty Elsa Morningwall told them where Sildar had gone and also mentioned the "ancient" Daran.  Gimble, Lume, and Dru stayed at the inn to get some food while Babel and Alister went in search of Sildar.  

They found him at the townmaster hall with Harbin Wester.  There they learned of Orcs causing problems at Wyrven Tor and the existance of Cragmaw Castle.  Both had hefty bounties for being dealt with.

As they left the Townmaster Hall Sildar caught up with them and let them know why he was in Phandalin.  He is part of a not so secret group called the Lord's Alliance.  They wanted to bring law and order to the Wild North.  They had sent a wizard named Llarno here several months ago.  He was missing.  The last Sildar was able to gather that anyone had seen him was two months ago at the old ruined manor atop the hill on the east side of the village.

The group gathered back up at the inn to discuss what they planned to do next.

And so it begins....
That time Babel almost died...

Having been hired by Gundren and Sildar our group of adventurers set out along the Southern High Road, escorting a laden wagon of supplies.  The three days along the High Road were without incident.  

Gimble questioned everyone about themselves for his encyclopedia.  

Dru remained stoic, only opening up to her fellow Emerald Islander Alister.  

Alister regaled the gnome in stories of all kinds, eventually making some of them up.  The Gnome did not seem to mind.

Lume made pleasant conversation and discussed her lineage with Gimble.

Babel was observant for the most part.  Sharing with Gimble what he could about brewing without revealing guild secrets.

After three days the party turned onto the Triboar Trail.  A smaller, less maintained, trail winding its way east.  They turned south toward their destination and ran ito a problem.  A couple of horses lied dead in the trail.  The positioning was in between to embankments that caused the trail to be blocked.

The wagon came to a halt 35 feet away.  Alister and Babel crept closer to investigate.  Babel thought he heard something along the embankments.   It was then that the goblins attacked.

The fight was over relatively quickly.  In 18 seconds the party had dispatched the goblins but these ambushers did not go down without a fight.  Babel lie on the ground at deaths door.  Gimble's timely response saving him.

They rested there, cleared the road of horses and cooked some of the horse meat.  During that rest Dru discovered tracks leading off to the north and evidence that these were the horses of their employer who had ridden ahead.  Babel awoke and the party rested some more and went to follow the tracks.

They came upon a cave with a stream running from it.  Babel's keen dwarven eyes spied a lookout.  Using ill timed plans the team assaulted the look out.  The distraction caused by Alister allowed the team to dispatch them quickly.

The noise from a waterfall dulled the noise they made as they entered.  To the right they discovered a kennel of sorts.  Chained there were three wolves.  The team, now finding their rythm, dispatched these lupines with extreme prejudice.

Following the path deeper into the cave they came across several goblins in a chamber eating.  They also spied Sildar, beaten and bloody, in the room.  With a swiftness born of steeled reserve they assaulted the goblins.  Within seconds all that remained was a poor goblin named Yeemick.

Perhaps being the smartest of the goblins he saw his fate and quickly gave up.  The party set about tending wounds and interrogating their captive.

How you got where you are.

Ten years ago a great war ended.  Known as the Time of Strife, this war involved most countries in the area and killed many people.  On top of that, a plague swept through the world that wiped out much of the population.   A silver lining to the plague was that it brought a quick end to the Time of Strife.

After the wars ended many of the mercenaries and soldiers were released or deserted and have turned to banditry.  The securities that were offered before are no longer available.  Their protectors turned to tormentors, the civilian population has turned to adventurers to help them.

With whole villages wiped out and once proud cities brought low, civilized societies have shrunk their borders.  The rift between Severus to the east and the rest of the world to the west has increased as once thriving towns were reduced to rubble.

The Wild North, an area once a bustling frontier, has fallen back to a struggling frontier.  The area's bastions of civilization have started to band together.  The Lords Alliance was created to try to support what they could.  There are also rumors of a shadow organization known as the Zhentarim that are trying to claim the wild north for themselves. 

You all ended up in Neverwinter.  Through various methods you have been hired for a job.

Gundren Rockseeker has sought many of you out in order to escort a wagon of much needed supplies to Phandalin.


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