Stolen Worlds

Wryven Tor Massacre

The time when no one got hurt,

The group of adventurers decided to go to find Daran Edermath.  As they walked on they saw a couple of these Redbrand bandits.  They followed them to a pub called the Sleeping Giant Inn.  One of them spotted the adventurers and hurried into the back.  When they tried to follow, the group found the door barred.  Going around to the front they found four bandits standing there in front.  They started taunting the newcomers.  After a quick assessment of the situation the group decided to back down and left the  Sleeping Giant Inn.

Instead they continued on their way to the Edermath orchard.   The older adventurer spoke to them about his adventures and answered their questions on the area.  They discovered he belonged to an order called the Order of the Gauntlet.  They exist to protect those that could not protect themselves.  

He mentioned the Redbrands and their particular brand of filth.  The adventurers added this to their list for investigation.  However they felt that taking on the Orcs of Wyrven Tor was more pressing.

Setting out they traveled several dys along the Triboar trail.  They were beset twice by monsters in the night.  Once by stirges who were easy enough to defeat.  The second time by ghouls. That fight was more challenging… regardless they survived through pluck and strategy.

They finally arrived at Wyrven Tor and with Drusilia's skill at tracking they discovered the cave where the orc band camped.  Waiting to approach the camp at day was deemed the most prudent action.  Dru had explained that Orcs usually slept through most of the morning.  True to that word they discovered just a single sentry, asleep at his post.

They hatched a plan to assault the orcs.  That plan was complicated when they discovered there was an Ogre in the enemies midsts.  Undaunted our heroes bravely attacked the camp.  The battle was fierce and miraculously the party escaped without any serious injury.  

There they decided to rest.


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