Stolen Worlds

Tread with caution...

...elves on the menu

Our journey kicked off with an air of mischief as we stumbled across a goon of deviant red hooded bandits who go by the name Red Brants. Through our travels we spoke with Halia, a cashier at the mining tavern, who offered $100 gold for their removal. We learned more from the time shirne-keeper who informed us about the glass staffed wizard who leads the Red Brants. She detailed that there were about 10 of them who haunted the Tresendar Manor with another 10 at the Sleepy Giant Inn. They are known to travel in small packs around the town for week stretches; a tip we will surly remember as we plot to win Halia's gold. 

The shrine-keeper also warned us about the Banshee who lives in Conyberry. The Banshee has in her posession a spellbook by Bogental. The shrine-keeper gave us a silver comb to trade her and stressed the importance of making a proper offering. The Banshee, a wicked thing, can only be over come with magic and silver—a communal node swept over the party on that detail. Before we parted, the shrine-keeper reveled her name, Sister Garaele, and said to tell the Banshee she sent us.

We left up the hill towards the orchard to meet the charming half elf who dwells there. As he told us what he knows, Alister wrote in detail while I found the bottom of my cups.

We traveled for several days following that only to happen across a cave of Orcs. Upon a swift defeat of the orcish-mucks, we discovered something truly disturbing….



…a mass grave of elves. 


Nice,.. Remind me. You get an extra chip draw.

Tread with caution...
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