Stolen Worlds

The clearing of Cragmaw Hideout.

The time where Sildar stole the kill.

With Sildar freed the companions were ready to quit the cave where they found him.  Babel and Alister were wounded from the fight against Yeemick's cohorts and decided to rest.  While they rested Lume hatched a plan.

With the not so subtle powers of her blood, she convinced poor Yeemick that she had cursed him.  She and Alister explained that if he did not do what they said and betray his fellows, he would die.

Sufficiently cowed, the goblin agreed to betray them.  They sent him off to bring Klarg, saying he found gold.  Apparently the little fellow was more apt at deception than first thought and Klarg was convinced. The horde came.

The bottleneck they created did well to focus their fire and the goblins fell quickly.  Klarg charged in and was battered by the party.  Alister flanked back to cover some goblins that had broken through.  Sildar filled in the gap and took Klarg down with two well placed hatchet chops to the chest.

At the conclusion of the battle Alister told Yeemick he was free of his charge and was free to go.  The goblin scampered away quickly lest the party changed their mind.

In Klargs chambers the party found several boxes stamped with a merchants stamp.  Sildar mentioned he may have seen that in Phandalen when he first went there several months ago.  They discovered that the crates had smithy inventory and thought perhaps returning the goods would fetch them a reward.

They rested a while in the cave and then head out that afternoon.  The rest of the way to Phandalen was uneventful.  Sildar told then to meet later at a local inn.

They returned the goods to the Lionshield Coster and flirted with the proprietor Linene Graywind.  She mentioned Daran Edermath as a fellow retired adventurer. 

Later they delivered the goods they were originally contracted to deliver to Elmar Barthen.  Who seemed genuinely saddend by the news of Gundren Rockseeker.  He lamented about his friends capture and mentioned to the party about his dream to find Wave Echoe Cave and the Spell Forge.  He also told the players Gundren's brothers were camped in the wilderness and should be in "any day now" to resupply.

The party the went to the Stonehill In where the chatty Elsa Morningwall told them where Sildar had gone and also mentioned the "ancient" Daran.  Gimble, Lume, and Dru stayed at the inn to get some food while Babel and Alister went in search of Sildar.  

They found him at the townmaster hall with Harbin Wester.  There they learned of Orcs causing problems at Wyrven Tor and the existance of Cragmaw Castle.  Both had hefty bounties for being dealt with.

As they left the Townmaster Hall Sildar caught up with them and let them know why he was in Phandalin.  He is part of a not so secret group called the Lord's Alliance.  They wanted to bring law and order to the Wild North.  They had sent a wizard named Llarno here several months ago.  He was missing.  The last Sildar was able to gather that anyone had seen him was two months ago at the old ruined manor atop the hill on the east side of the village.

The group gathered back up at the inn to discuss what they planned to do next.


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