The Dwarven religion based of Moradin.

Moradin LG is the chief deity in the dwarven pantheon. Moradin's domains are Creation, Earth, Good, Law, and Protection. He is the creator deity of the first dwarves out of earthen materials. Moradin is the head of the dwarven pantheon. He is married to Berronar Truesilver and lives with her in Erackinor, on the plane of Mount Celestia.

Muamman Duathal (Moo-AM-man Doo-AH-thuhl) NG is the dwarf deity of wanderers and expatriates. He is also the dwarven god of lightning, which he uses as an omen. His symbol is an upright mace over a single leather boot trimmed with fur, or a mace clutched by a pair of gauntleted fists. He has the domains of Good, Protection, Travel. Muamman appears as a weathered, nondescript dwarf dressed in plain clothes, usually green. He is thin, with a beard of deep black. He wields Glowhammer, a mace that glows as if were still cooling from being forged. Often, he carries a weathered staff. 

Vergadain (VUR-guh-dain) N is the dwarf deity of Wealth and Luck. His domains are Luck, Trickery and Trade. Vergadain appears as a tall dwarf dressed in the brown and yellow garb of a merchant; often his clothes are tattered and dusty from his long travels. Underneath this, he wears armor and often carries musical instruments (Vergadain has a great singing voice and is said to be a great poet), disguises, and sacks of treasure protected with poisonous snakes and vermin. His boots contain concealed weapons such as knives or garrotes, or hidden places or both. 

Laduguer (LAHH-duh-gwur) LE is the evil deity of the duegar, the Underdark-dwelling cousins of dwarves. His domains of Evil, Law, Magic, Protection and also Craft, Dwarf, and Metal. Laduguer appears as a tall, gaunt duergar with skin that can change between gray and brown to match the nearby rock. He is bald and perpetually frowning. He was in the Morndinism, but he exiled himself over a point of honor. 

Hanseath CN is the dwarven deity of war, carousing, and alcohol. His domains are Chaos, Strength, Travel, War.  Known as the Bearded One for the thick hair that obscures most of his face, Hanseath represents the festive side of dwarven culture. Brewers hold him in high regard, as do dwarf barbarians and any dwarf who charges headlong into battle heedless of the odds.

Dumathoin (DOO-muh-THOE-in) N is the patron of mountain dwarves, and the dwarf deity of mining and underground exploration. He is also the protector of the dwarven dead. His holy symbol is a cut, faceted gem inside of a mountain. His domains are of Earth, Knowledge, Protection and also Cavern, Craft, Dwarf, and Metal.

Dugmaren Brightmantle CG is the dwarf deity of scholarship, discovery, and invention. Dugmaren appears as an elderly dwarf with sparkling blue eyes. He is slightly hunched over and he wears the bright blue cloak that is his namesake. He irritates his father by wandering away from his projects before he completes them or before he finds a use for the knowledge he has collected. His domains are Chaos, Good, Knowledge and is worshiped by dwarves and some gnomes who are scholars, inventors, engineers, or tinkers.

Berronar Truesilver LG is the dwarf deity of safety, truth, home, and healing. She shares a realm with Moradin, Erackinor, on the plane of Mount Clestia. She acts as Moradin's consort.  Berronar appears as a powerful female dwarf with a beard braided into four rows, wearing chain mail and a silver helm.


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