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Recent Historical Timeline

  • 846 current year
  • 843 Warlock Trials end with the proclamation being rescinded. 
  • 837 The Patriarchal Bull proclaiming Magics "Uncleanness" issued.  Magic users not attached to organizations rounded up.  This starts the Warlock Trials.
  • 836 The end of the Time of Strife brokered by the Church of the Celestial Sun.  This gains the Church a lot of political power as a result.
  • 835 Church of the Celestial Sun discover a cure for the plague and through their infrastructure, left mainly intact through the war, proceed to distribute the cure.
  • 835 Battle of Byzantium and the death of King Ephrim Hawkwood, young Prince Alexius ascends to the throne.
  • 835 The release of the Black Death Plague starting in Severus and spreading west.  Celestial Church blames Magic on the plague.
  • 829 Leagueheim, Gwyneth, and Apshai sign mutual defense treaty and declare war on Aragon, Kish, and Severus.
  • 828 Severus and Drow forces invade Leagueheim.  Severus denies accusations of colluding with the Drow.
  • 828 Severus southern navy "The Black Fleet" retreats after magical sabotage of several key flag ships.
  • 828 Severus declares war on Ishtakar
  • 826 Leagueheim closes is halls and bars human traffic through its borders.
  • 825 Kish declares War on Gwyneth and Aragon.
  • 825 Aragon declares war on Gwyneth

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