This penninsula shares the same climate as Aragon.  Where Aragon has plains and fields, Kish has mountains and ports.

House Li Halan has one of the oldest and most prestigious lines of nobility. It was at one point the largest land-owner of any house, but much of their territory was lost after the Emperor Wars.

The pious and disciplined family was once the worst-behaved of all houses. Their immoral exploits are legendary, as is the tale of their overnight conversion to the Church. House Li Halan now upholds rigid codes of etiquette, tradition and honor. They now pursue the scriptures as fanatically as they once chased pleasure. Now a deeply pious house, they have a close connection to the Orthodoxy. This sense of traditionalism and orthodoxy may seem stringent to some of its more rebellious members but House Li Halan feels it has a lot to make up for.

While other nobles may snicker at the faithful lords, they more often fear the Li Halan, for this family has proved implacable on both the battlefield and at court. To House Li Halan, structure is an imperative, humanity has its place before Zebulon, and serfs have their place before the nobility. So important is this that they prefer to be address by House name first. Their vassals are fiercely loyal, for they know their place in the All Father's plan.


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