Gwyneth is a country of lush forests and rolling hills.  This kingdom is temperate with mild winters and warm summers.  This idyllic setting has caused Gwyneth to be raided and invaded many times over it's past.  

The Monarchy that rules the kingdom is called House Hawkwood. 

Prideful yet honourable,  the Hawkwoods take political setbacks with stoicism – the same fierce perseverance with which they beat back the barbarian raiders to their lands. A Hawkwood does not give up. House Hawkwood is more beloved by its vassals than any other kingdom. The Hawkwoods generally treat their subjects fairly and with justice.

House Hawkwood history has risen and fallen so often as to incite the phrase "The rise of House Hawkwood is like a prostitute". It prides itself on its pedigree and its commitment to noblesse oblige. They are indoctrinated with protecting their serfs and have many difficult expectations to live up to. More than any other House, House Hawkwood dedicates itself to the care of its serfs and the preservation of their lands. House Hawkwood shares a border with the Vuldrok barbarians, who bear an enmity that is only outmatched by their hatred of House Decados.

From the moment they are born Hawkwoods are taught of their destiny to lead. They never learn to doubt their abilities or their right to rule, those who don't weren't really Hawkwoods anyway.



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