Aragon is a southern country full of hills and plains.  A hot country, many fine horses are bred on their plains.  Aragon is also proud of it's military.  Having one of the largest navies in all the lands.  They are ruled in the iron grip of the Hazat.

The Hazat (not House Hazat— the Hazat long ago adopted this once-pejorative styling, and now prefer it) are deeply passionate and compelled. They pursue dangerous sports and seek testing duels. Hot-blooded and intense, the martial Hazat know how to field an army but are also no strangers to intrigue. When they can calm the vicious infighting from family to family, they can present a formidable front against rivals from other countries.

The Hazat's largest concern is that of territory, caught between Gwyneth, Kish, and Leagueheim, the Hazat find there is no room for expansion. The Hazat are now looking South over the inland sea to the lands of the Kurgan Caliphate. They now pursue a campaign against the barbarian Kurga Caliphate, seeking new lands outside of the continent.

The Hazat lead the finest militias of the known kingdoms. Trained from the age of five to hold a sword and lead an army. An army that grows excessive their conquests. Originally the Hazat were the military of House Chauki whom they overthrew in a military coup proclaiming their House's hidden noble heritage. Hazat vassals are loyal, for they know that sacrifices for their lords are often rewarded.


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