Human Fighter


Hailing from the Emerald Isles, living as part of a successful fishing commune Alister was raised as much by his neighbors as he was by his parents. Alister, or Ali to his friends (which by his estimate is anyone he meets) Spent his youth making friends with anyone he could, though he was an only child he was never alone.

Alister’s family held no rank but Fisher, though Ali always felt wealthy. With fresh Fish, new friends and Scrim’s to shaw he had everything he could ever want. Though his family held no responsibility to the village, Ali always felt a need to defend those who needed defending, whether it be from bullies in his village, or passers by.

During one rare, unsuccessful year of fishing, all of the Dock owners, under the guidance of (I cant think of a name, Rico thats all you my guy, but in my head hes fat and greasy and always sucking on a fishbone. Like Jabba the Hutt esque) increased docking fees 10 fold, or else refused any of the Fishermen usage.

After several months of attempted negotiation, the Elder’s Circle (The leadership council for the Village) decided, that inaction was no longer going to be successful. Alister and a small group of able bodied people, who had been petitioning the Circle for action, where finally called upon. Their task, to set fire to some less useful docks and ships owned by the dock owners.

Originally intended to be a stealth style mission, get in and get out turned into a bloodbath, when they made it to the final ship. A trap had been set someone on the Elder’s Circle was paid off. Both sides were met with devastating losses, but Alister and his group came out as clear victors, and swinging the bargaining power almost completely back to the villages side. Alister and his group can always find a warm bed, and mug of cold ale in the home of anyone who knows this story.

Alister has recently arrived to Neverwinter, working jobs along the way from the Emerald Isles. He still has not met a person he was not willing to befriend.


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