Stolen Worlds


How you got where you are.

Ten years ago a great war ended.  Known as the Time of Strife, this war involved most countries in the area and killed many people.  On top of that, a plague swept through the world that wiped out much of the population.   A silver lining to the plague was that it brought a quick end to the Time of Strife.

After the wars ended many of the mercenaries and soldiers were released or deserted and have turned to banditry.  The securities that were offered before are no longer available.  Their protectors turned to tormentors, the civilian population has turned to adventurers to help them.

With whole villages wiped out and once proud cities brought low, civilized societies have shrunk their borders.  The rift between Severus to the east and the rest of the world to the west has increased as once thriving towns were reduced to rubble.

The Wild North, an area once a bustling frontier, has fallen back to a struggling frontier.  The area's bastions of civilization have started to band together.  The Lords Alliance was created to try to support what they could.  There are also rumors of a shadow organization known as the Zhentarim that are trying to claim the wild north for themselves. 

You all ended up in Neverwinter.  Through various methods you have been hired for a job.

Gundren Rockseeker has sought many of you out in order to escort a wagon of much needed supplies to Phandalin.


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