Stolen Worlds

And so it begins....

That time Babel almost died...

Having been hired by Gundren and Sildar our group of adventurers set out along the Southern High Road, escorting a laden wagon of supplies.  The three days along the High Road were without incident.  

Gimble questioned everyone about themselves for his encyclopedia.  

Dru remained stoic, only opening up to her fellow Emerald Islander Alister.  

Alister regaled the gnome in stories of all kinds, eventually making some of them up.  The Gnome did not seem to mind.

Lume made pleasant conversation and discussed her lineage with Gimble.

Babel was observant for the most part.  Sharing with Gimble what he could about brewing without revealing guild secrets.

After three days the party turned onto the Triboar Trail.  A smaller, less maintained, trail winding its way east.  They turned south toward their destination and ran ito a problem.  A couple of horses lied dead in the trail.  The positioning was in between to embankments that caused the trail to be blocked.

The wagon came to a halt 35 feet away.  Alister and Babel crept closer to investigate.  Babel thought he heard something along the embankments.   It was then that the goblins attacked.

The fight was over relatively quickly.  In 18 seconds the party had dispatched the goblins but these ambushers did not go down without a fight.  Babel lie on the ground at deaths door.  Gimble's timely response saving him.

They rested there, cleared the road of horses and cooked some of the horse meat.  During that rest Dru discovered tracks leading off to the north and evidence that these were the horses of their employer who had ridden ahead.  Babel awoke and the party rested some more and went to follow the tracks.

They came upon a cave with a stream running from it.  Babel's keen dwarven eyes spied a lookout.  Using ill timed plans the team assaulted the look out.  The distraction caused by Alister allowed the team to dispatch them quickly.

The noise from a waterfall dulled the noise they made as they entered.  To the right they discovered a kennel of sorts.  Chained there were three wolves.  The team, now finding their rythm, dispatched these lupines with extreme prejudice.

Following the path deeper into the cave they came across several goblins in a chamber eating.  They also spied Sildar, beaten and bloody, in the room.  With a swiftness born of steeled reserve they assaulted the goblins.  Within seconds all that remained was a poor goblin named Yeemick.

Perhaps being the smartest of the goblins he saw his fate and quickly gave up.  The party set about tending wounds and interrogating their captive.


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